Art + Design

Below is a collection of some of my favorite work in the fields of graphic design, illustration and print media. They include both professional and personal projects from within the past 5 years.

Patient Cards (SmartPractice)

These are just a handful from the extensive collection of patient cards I designed for SmartPractice, a Phoenix-based medical supplies company.

Here is my process:


Coming up with an idea for what the card should contain, both visually and textually.


Browsing the web for inspiration, and seeing what styles/ colors/ elements seem to be most successful in carrying out the idea.


Creating sketches on paper. Through this process, I usually go from a loose drawing to a more finalized version of the card’s content.

Digital Design:

Designing the card in Photoshop and Illustrator, which then goes through multiple rounds of reviews and revisions with the Creative Director and other stakeholders.


Once the design is approved, I save it out according to the specs for SmartPractice’s in-house printing facility, which sometimes includes embossing, foil treatment and die-cuts.

Animated Banners (SmartPractice)

I created these animated banners for SmartPractice. They promote new products or services that were being rolled out. Several of the banners doubled their respective web pages’ traffic, and ultimately, revenue.

The process for these animations is similar to the cards above in terms of the project stages, although some additional levels of creation were required:


Sketching a brief outline of the animated sequence. This process is reviewed and revised before jumping into digital creation.

Digital Design:

In addition to using Illustrator and Photoshop, I use After Effects and Premiere to create the motion and video effects necessary for these banners.

Illustrations (Personal)

I love nature, architecture and auto design. I particularly enjoy learning about the interplay between physics and manmade products. These are a sample of illustrations that I’ve done, using Illustrator, that display my passion for these things. To see all of my illustrations, check out my Dribbble page.


I enjoy combining art with nature. Painting landscapes provides me with an outlet to do exactly that. As you can tell, I have a thing for the American southwest. The natural rock formations, showing the delicate balance between the forces of nature, are a great focus of my work. I generally use acrylics on canvas, and my go-to canvas size is 16 x 20.