My Story
What's my background? What have I accomplished? What makes me keep going? Read on.

I'm intrinsically motivated to exceed expectations.

Hyper-focused. Ridiculously fast. Insane attention to detail. That's how people describe my work ethic. My approach to design is keeping things simple, intuitive and practical. I have an inner drive to succeed in everything I do. That's why I have several interests within the arts, and I've striven to become a master in every one: Digital design, illustration, animation, traditional painting, photography. They're all my passion, and they all influence the way I work.

Education + Experience

I hold a major in Industrial Design from the Academy of Art University and a BS in Graphic Design + Visual Communications from Westwood College. I've worked at the Chicago Music Exchange and SmartPractice as a graphic designer and animator, and I've worked at University of Phoenix as a web and UX designer. I currently have several freelance graphic and web design projects on the table, and I hone my photography and painting skills in my free time.

Notable Mentions

SmartStar of the Year Nominee at SmartPractice for creating an animated banner that generated twice the revenue of any previous web ads.

Empowering Excellence Award at Unversity of Phoenix for taking on and completing multiple projects from a coworker who had left the company, all within due dates.

Multiple car illustrations have been featured and sold on merchandise at

Photos have been featured on ABC15 Arizona, Official Sedona Visitor's Guide, Arizona Highways Magazine, Practical Astrophotography Magazine and Visit Flagstaff, as well as several travel websites.

Finding Inspiration

I find inspiration in everyday interactions and try to mimic that familiarity in my designs. I find wonder in the universe and try to read, watch, and experience every aspect of the natural world in order to apply what I've learned to my designs. I also love finding inspiration in automobile design, industrial design and architecture.

I've mastered:

Adobe Suite / CC
UX / Prototyping

I'm savvy in:

3D Modeling
Print Media
Social Marketing
Video Editing

I'm learning:

Music Theory