Low Desert

The low deserts of Arizona contain the iconic Saguaro cacti, among many other unique plants and wildlife. The beauty of the low desert is in its timelessness, where the conditions rarely change and life itself seems to slow down. I love to try and capture that timelessness, that unique magic that can only be found here.

High Desert

Iconic. Classic. Memorable. These terms define the high deserts of the Southwest, which hold some of the most jaw-dropping scenery in the world. From the canyons to the rock formations, the high deserts are remarkably rewarding to capture on camera, and indeed, through your own eyes.

Night Skies

The desert Southwest has some of the darkest and clearest night skies in the entire United States. One need only drive 50 miles out of the city lights to be spellbound by the hundreds of thousands of stars that become visible. I love to sit out on a rock and just watch the galaxy move overhead, while also capturing it for all to enjoy. While this is some of the more difficult and technical photography to tackle, the rewards make the effort well worth it.

Above is a selection of photographs I've taken over the past few years. Living in the southwestern United States offers me the opportunity to quickly travel to several world-class scenic locations. I've developed a love for photographing beautiful landscapes, and I love the challenge of finding new locations to take pictures, rushing to capture the best light, and the process of setting up the shot.

You can order prints of any of these photos by contacting me, and be sure to follow my photographic adventures on my YouTube channel .